Legal Responsibility of the company that obtains the Certification of Conformity according to ISO 17065:2012 Chapter 4.1.1

The company that obtains the Certification of Conformity assumes legal responsibility for the proper management and communication of its practices, signing specific clauses annexed to the legally binding Agreement of Recognition, requiring the signatory to:

Ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of every document and every certificate provided to the Body of Control as part of the compliance assessment.
Ensure that in the event of significant changes in products specifications or production processes, these are immediately communicated to the Body of Control, to verify that these are in compliance.
Ensure that the use of the brand or compliance certification by any ways (labelling, brochures, website, etc) do not cause misunderstandings or messages deemed misleading according to the criteria of the Consumer Code, as interpreted by the supervisory bodies (AGCM, Codacons IAP). In particular, the Certification of Conformity should not mislead consumers in their purchasing decisions and use of products, allow improper property claims over product specifications, or be used for negative advertising against competing products on the market.
Pursuing a ratified company policy, promoted internally and externally, guaranteeing the protection of the health, well-being of animals and promoting their respect.
Ensure that the cosmetic product receiving a Certification of Conformity  must have a purpose oriented primarily towards the wellbeing of the animal.
Inform the Body of Control in case that any significant signals have been detected pointing to a deterioration of the quality and safety of the products as described in the agreement.

Violation of the Code of Ethics

In case of objective evidence of violations of the Code of Ethics, the company commits to pay  to the Body of Control damages to its image and credibility, and other organizations and companies involved in the verification activities, for a sum to be determined, and in any case no less than € 50,000. Simultaneously, the company will undertake to pay a further sum of the same amount to non-governmental entities and non-profit oriented towards the protection and wellbeing of animals, as stayed by the Body of Control.