Recognition’s management

Agreement Recognition and use of Certificates of Recognition (ISO 17065:2012 Chapter 4.1.2)

Following the verification made on the Company Scheme and Products, the parties sign a recognition agreement, with which the company is committed to guarantee the veracity of what has been provided, the continuity of the conditions and the quality of the products. The agreement includes the grant and conditions of use of the SPC brand and the QR code, which must accompany the brand to ensure traceability and accurate information to the consumer.

Marks of Conformity (ISO 17065:2012 Chapter 4.1.3): use, labeling and distribution

The company agrees to use the trademark (of which the QR code is an integral part) on products. The mark must be displayed in all the explanatory presentations and advertising, as described in the Agreement of Recognition. The use of the mark, the reference to it and the voluntary program SPC must be submitted so as not to mislead the purposes of the program. They can not be used to assign properties to the cosmetic product in conflict with the purpose of the program SPC.

Minimum Dimensions

The brand Safe Pet Cosmetics, prior permission from Recognition Agreement, must be displayed on the product so as to be easily visible and legible.

Graphic File

The brand Safe Pet Cosmetics that the company will add to the graphic elements of the label will have to come directly from the file provided with the Certificate of Recognition. The image must not be rebuilt as fac-simile and can not be changed without the consent of the Body of Control.

Changes in background and colors

In case of graphic needs related to legibility, you can ask the permission to Body of Control to change the image, the background colors or other, in function of the clarity and uniformity of appearance with the rest of the packaging.


The QR Code will always be displayed legibly on products and presentations. The QR Code will be included with the Certificate of Recognition and direct you to the website where you will see the Certificates of Compliance and the information that the company sees fit to provide the consumer.

Clause and Conditions of Withdrawal

The company holds Certificate of Recognition may voluntarily leave the program SPC notifying Body Control via PEC. In this case will have no obligation to include the brand and QR-code on the products, but will not seek reimbursement of annual installments paid. In the event that they are not the conditions above, the Body of Control may require the company to withdraw the references of the trademark from the products, giving notice and motivation via PEC, without having the obligation to redeem units received. In case of non-renewal, annual authorization to use the mark is considered lapsed.