The cosmetic product is manufactured at facilities that apply the same quality standards (very high) requested from cosmetics to humans, and all products are offered for sale only after suffering all the checks and inspections that are planned for cosmetics human, obviously adapted the characteristics of the skin and hair of the animal to the specific use intended.


The Organization operates according to the requirements of impartiality required by ISO 17065 : 2012 , ensuring the impartiality and independence in the evaluation .

Cosmetologists and University Professors that can not be employees of companies that market or produce cosmetics for animals, and the opinion expressed by the experts is independent and not influenced by the client companies. Experts opinion does not involve any advantage or economic disadvantage .

The cost (which is supported by companies) is required whatever the outcome of the evaluation and is quantified solely on the commitment required by the experts to carry out in-depth audits and possible analysis. Companies are not required to pay a proportion of turnover (aspect that could affect the outcome of the verification as a positive result generates an increase in turnover and therefore a gain for the institution).


The assessment of business conduct, the description of the production chain, and the peculiarities of the ingredients of the product are accessible and verifiable in real time directly from the consumer, for each product, upon access the site or by reading the QR-Code.


Companies that voluntarily adhere to the program, in the case of false statements, or in the case of conduct that contravenes the purpose of the specification are committed to reimbursing the Control Body with a compensation of at least € 50.000 and to devote a figure identical to that compensated for a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of animals recognized.